Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Baby Shower Fun!

I still cannot believe it!  My baby sister (who isn't so much of a baby anymore) is having her own baby! A little baby girl to be precise! 

In honour of this wonderful occasion, myself and my other sisters planned and threw a baby shower to celebrate our new nieces arrival in May. 

The day was an absolute hit!

I was in charge of the food, Mimi was in charge of the decorations and Dano, in charge of the  activities.  Between the three of us, we managed to throw quite the surprise shower, and not only delight my sister and her guests, but us too!

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the food. A tea party theme, which of course meant yummy sandwiches and lots of sweet treats! 

Being a healthy eater, I played around with ideas and  made two little additions for me to enjoy, the aptly named slimming world quiche and some crudités with fat free yoghurt dips. This meant I was able to enjoy myself and if I did cave in and sneak a madeline or two then I didn't feel too bad about it! (girls gotta live afterall!)

Left to Right
White Chocolate Strawbs (Got a bit creative and dyed some of the chocolate pink to go with our theme)
Crustless Quiche Lorraine
Mini Baby Footprint Cookies
Sultana Scones
Vanilla Cupcakes
Lulabellas Special Malteaser Tiffins
Lemon Drizzle

How cuter are these gorgeous little Pink Lemonade Meringues that I made, and devoured a few of!  My recipe for these can be found here 

To accompany the delightful eats, we served pink lemonade in baby bottles - these were a hoot, and surprising really fun to drink out of! 

Once everyone had their fill of the sweet stuff we all joined in, to design a baby grow for the little one! Such fun!!  Some fabulous ideas were created, and a wonderful keepsake for years to come!  We also played ' guess the date the baby comes', I picked the 19th May, so watch this space!!

A fun little touch that I created was a DIY photobooth, where I made some props to continue the theme, again another hit! I mean look at the results how fun!!! There were lots of hysterical laughs coming from this end of the room!!

It seems that activities made the crowd hungry again, so time for some more cake! This time my special feature cake (vanilla sponge with jam and fresh vanilla cream) to which I designed to be like the invitation to the shower.  Totally in love with the little washing line I made to go on top, and my sister is keeping it as a keepsake and will put it in a fram in the little ones room!

We ended the day with my sister opening her gifts, I must say what a fabulous generous bunch of friends she has - she was totally overwhelmed by their kindness, and people walking past the house may have thought we were bonkers hearing all the screetches and ohhhs and ahhs when she opened something cute! 

I have a tradition in our family of painting a picture for the a new baby to put in their nursery.  I am the proud Aunt to two nieces and nephews already, who all have a special piece painted by me and this was not going to be different.   Luckily, my sister was very happy with it and I can't wait to see it hanging on the wall in the nursery!

All in all a wonderful day.  Although it took lots of prep and planning, it went better than I ever could of hoped for.  I am one lucky bunny to have such talented wonderfufl sisters who can help pull off something like this.  Lots of love to them all!!

Now.. All we have to do is wait for the new arrival to get here!!

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