Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Garlic Chilli Steak with Braised Pak Choy, Spring Onions and Celery

I am quite lucky to get to do a little bit of travel with my job – and one of the places I get to go more often than not is Sweden.  I had never been here before, so was really intrigued to see what it was like.  As usual on my first evening there, instead of going somewhere so I can experience the local culture, I get taken to an Asian restaurant, the type that has all the different cuisines.  So I trawled through the menu trying to find something I liked – and there I saw it chilli garlic fillet steak – they had me at fillet!!

I ordered, and when it came – I was faced with the most amazing flavour combinations, soft soft meat, and literally hands up can say it’s the best thing I have ever eaten – and go there just for this every time I return to Malmo.

I’ve had this on my mind for a few weeks now, and when I went shopping the other day and picked up a couple of steaks I knew exactly what to do with them!  The photo does not do this justice as I was torn between photo and eating it – but I urge you to try – it looks so fantastic on the plate, and is really simple to make!

Calories: 235  •  Slimming World: FREE on Extra Easy Plan 

 Weight Watchers Pro Points: 6PP • WeightWatchers Filling & Healthy Values: Free

(without rice)

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes
Cooking time: 25 Minutes
Serves 2

You Will Need:

For the Steak:

2 Flat Iron Steaks (Available in Marks & Spencer 2 for £4)
4 Tbsp of Light Soy Sauce
Matchstick piece of Ginger
3 Garlic Cloves Diced Small
Container/ Sandwich Bag
1/2 tsp crushed chilli

For the Veggies:

2 Pak Choy – bottom chopped off so that the leaves are loose
6 Spring Onions – bottoms and tops cut off
4 Sticks of Celery – bottoms and tops trimmed
1 Clove of Garlic - sliced
2 Matchstick Pieces of Ginger
50-70ml of Beef Stock
Frylight/Calorie Controlled Oil Spray


Marinating & cooking the steak

Put the soy sauce, chilli, ginger, garlic in a container/sandwich bag and place the steaks in and seal

If you have enough time – then marinade for 30 minutes – but 10 will work easily as good

After 10 minutes, give the bag a shake so all the flavours absorb into the steak

Heat a pan to a searing hot heat, and add the steak turning frequently – to get it your desired temperature use the following guide – I prefer mine medium rare for this dish
How to Cook the Perfect Steak


Braising the Veggies

Spray a non-stick pan with oil add the garlic and let it take on the flavour stirring always

Add the Celery, Bok Choy and spring onions to the pan and stir fry for around 4-5 minutes

Take the veggies out, but leave the garlic in the pan and add the stock simmer for 2-3 minutes so the garlic infuses

Add marinade from the steak to the pan and simmer again for another 2 minutes

Return the veggies to the pan and let them braise in the liquid for 6-7 minutes, when they feel tender but still have a bite they are still ready!

To serve

Place the veggies and steak on a plate and spoon a few tablespoons of the sauce over them

Serve with rice – and devour.


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