Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Pink Lemonade Meringues

Simple delicate lemon scented pink meringues.  Perfect for any occasion and a sweet treat without the guilt!

I had great fun playing with this recipe.   I first started off trying to use a recipe that used jelly crystals to make up half of the sugar for colour and for flavour.  Needless to say, this totally didn’t work and when I peaked into the oven instead of being the glorious pink colour they went in looking like – what was in there was a murky brown (not what I needed when making them for a pink themed baby shower).  No Idea why this happened, so decided to start again, and devise my own!  To say I am pleased with this recipe is an understatement – and I only had to hear the positive feedback they got, to know they were a hit!

Calories: 24  •  Slimming World: 1 Syn on Extra Easy Plan 

 Weight Watchers Pro Points: 1PP  • WeightWatchers Filling & Healthy Values: 1PP 

(per meringue)

Preparation Time: 15-20 Minutes
Cooking Time: 2 Hours plus cooling
Makes 26 Mini Meringues

You Will Need:

3 Egg Whites
150g Caster Sugar
¼ tsp pink food colouring (I use Wilton Gel Colours)
¼ tsp Natural Lemon Extract (I use Dr Oetker Sicilian Lemon Extract)

Preheat oven to 90 degrees, and line a baking tray with parchment paper

Add the egg whites to a clean mixing bowl, or the bowl attached to your stand mixer if using

Whisk until slightly frothy and bubbles are forming

In a slow steady stream pour in the sugar at intervals whisking well to incorporate the sugar, once all the sugar is in, add the lemon and food colouring

Turn your whisk speed up to medium high and whisk until the mixture stiffens and forms peaks

Transfer the mixture into a large piping bag with your desired nozzle, I used a star tip

Carefully pipe two inch rounds leaving approx 1 inch between each meringue – I found it useful to draw around a bottle lid on one side of the paper then turn it over so the ink does not transfer onto your mixture

Bake in the oven for 2 hours – turn the oven off and leave overnight

Store in an airtight container until ready to devour – will last about 4-5 days!



  1. Do u think sweetener could be used instead of caster sugar, making them syn free?

    1. Hi Helen, sorry for the delay in the reply - I have tried with sweetener, it is possible - but they don't come out just quit the same - if you can get the granulated sweetener then that should work best! LX

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