Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Salmon & Courgette Pasta

This is the first recipe in a series of dishes that I have been creating as part of a challenge for Total Greek Yoghurt. I don't eat fish myself, but Mr Lulabella gave me the idea for this recipe as he was making something similar for the kids to have at the school he works in.   His of course didn't use the yoghurt, but I thought I could change it up and adapt it and to my great delight it worked out well and he wolfed down the plate! 

I've always been an avid user of Total Greek Yoghurt as you will see from a lot of my recipes, and am always impressed with all the different ways you can use it or substitute it for something else.  Never again will i buy sour cream as I always seem to have a pot of this in the fridge and it works perfectly on my fajitas, my chill or anything that I need to replace it with!  Go on give it a try! 

Calories: 303  •  Slimming World: FREE on Extra Easy Plan 

 Weight Watchers Pro Points: 11PP • WeightWatchers Filling & Healthy Values: 2PP*

You Will Need:

120g Smoked Salmon sliced (you can use smoked salmon trimmings, its a little cheaper and works just as well in my opinion)
2 courgettes Diced (if you find baby courgettes these add a lovely flavour and look to the dish)
2 Garlic Clove finely minced
3 Tablespoons 0% Total Greek Yoghurt
Salt and pepper for seasoning
Squeeze of lemon juice
150g Pasta Shapes of your choice
2 Tsp Olive Oil


1. Cook the pasta following the package instructions. Add the courgettes 3 minutes before the pasta is ready. Once its cooked, drain and reserve some of the cooking water in the bottom of the pan and set aside whilst you make the sauce!

2. Heat the oil in a heavy bottomed frying pan.  Lightly fry the garlic, we want the oil to take on the flavour of the garlic so don't let it get browned add 3/4 of the salmon into the frying pan and lightly fry for 1-2 minutes so that its incorporated in the oil with the garlic.

3. Add the pasta and courgettes to the frying pan with the heat turned off, and stir through the yoghurt and lemon juice, adding a little of the pasta water to make the sauce creamier.  Be careful that the pasta is not too hot otherwise the yoghurt will split.

4. Season with salt and pepper, and scatter the remaining non cooked smoked salmon on top of the pasta, I like the fresh burst it gives compared to the cooked salmon within.
*2PP if you use Wholemeal Pasta


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