Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Old El Paso - Cinco De Mayo Blog Event

Last week to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I was invited to a lovely little pop up in the middle of Victoria Station hosted by Old El Paso.

Those of you who read my blog regularly, will know that I am partial to a bit of Mexican cuisine.   Before I really started experimenting with food, Old El Paso was one of my favourite brands that helped me go from being clueless with spices to making super flavour packed food!

I am still an avid user of their products, and will only use their tortillas as I find them the best out of all the brands I have tried, and if I am being honest with you, the thought of just eating their refried beans straight from the can with a spoon is not one that hasn't crossed my mind!  

So as you can imagine I was mostly excited to get myself down to the Station to see what was going on!   

Throughout the whole day, celebrity chef, Andy Bates, was demonstrating how to make some of the recipes, that will feature on a new series which launched on 13th April hosted by Food Network.   Giving London commuters a wonderful chance to sample the goods and find out how easy it is to make some of the dishes that you probably would not think to make using Old El Paso products.   

Upon arrival, there was no mistaking the yellow hut!  With the familiar red roof of Old El Paso brand, you knew you were in good hands! 

After a brief introduction of the products, and information on the new online series it was time to meet the man himself! 

From the outset, you could really see that Andy backed the campaign.   Stressing that although some of the products were defined to be used for only particular things, they actually open up a whole new world of ideas.   Where as you may think to use fajita seasoning to just make fajitas, there are so many ways you can use them instead. 

From my front row seat, Andy then showed us how he used the fajita seasoning mixed with a little oil to brush the skin of a butterflied chicken before putting it in the oven to roast.


Before putting in the oven he lay it on a bed of beans in a little chicken stock, and all the lovely flavours then soaked into them whilst cooking in the oven. 

Once the chicken was cooked, with delightfully crispy flavoursome skin, he cut it in quarters and started to assemble, some amazing chicken wraps.

Heating up and advising that tortillas should always be served warm for optimum results, he laid the chicken, beans, salsa and guacamole  into the wrap ready for me to roll up and devour.

Such a fabulous way to get flavour into the chicken, that I never would have thought to do myself.  

Afterwards we had a Q&A and I asked him if there was any type of bean that works better in a recipe like this, but explained that any bean works.  They don't even have to be fancy dried beans that you soak and cook yourself, your bog standard beans in water do the trick perfectly.

Was really great, getting to watch Andy work, and be part of something to learn how even the things that you think are only designed for one purpose can open up lots of doors! 

If you are interested in learning about other ways to use the Old El Paso Products, check out their website and you can watch all the videos from the series on Food Network here

I felt most inspired by the blog event, that I went on to create this little gem of a recipe, which it seems has been missing in my life forever.  Just goes to show a little imagination and some flavour punch can get you a long way! 

Thank you to Stylish London Living, for the opportunity to be part of the event. 

No  paid compensation was received for this review, all opinions are my own.  Photos used are my own from the event teamed  with those sent to me from the official event photographer


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