Saturday, 7 January 2017

New Year - New Changes! For me & My Blog!

Happy New Year My Lovelies! 

We are officially one week into 2017!   How have your fared?  Are you full of energy after a week of healthiness?
Or did you take the approach I did, seen as I was still on holiday, and decided that the week after I would get my bottom in to gear, and get going! 

Whichever route you chose, if you are anything like me, then you would have been thinking of your goals for the year ahead.  The things you want to achieve, the changes you want to make and hopefully plan some adventures along the way. 

For those who are regular readers of my blog and follow me on Instagram, know that the basis behind these humble posts that I write to you,  generally relate to my on going journey following Slimming World and recipes I create to get me to my goal (I'm halfway there!!)

Hopefully, you will be pleased to know that this is not going to change!   I have a HUGE passion for food (that will explain where the 60+lbs I put on before starting came from!) and love creating and sharing recipes that help me and others along their way to being happy and healthy.

I didn't get to write as much over the last months as I would have liked.  I've always been working towards my goals - but there was a lot of craziness around me, new changes, big celebrations, and general life stuff.    That saying, through all the craziness, it did open, well, someone helped open a few new doors for me. 

I did quite a bit of travelling, seen some amazing sights, eaten some amazing food, and had some incredible adventures - and that my friends is the new direction I would like to take my blog, and share with you some of these incredible experiences - which hopefully you will be inspired to do sometime too. 

No matter where I travel, i'll always find a food element - I am one of those people who do lots of research on the local cuisine is, and seek out the best version of it in the city!

How else would I find the best bagel in New York or the best Doner Kebab in Berlin (even if it did takes us 30 mins outside of the centre!)    

 It's these little pleasures I find along the way like this, that drive me - and give me the inspiration to create my recipes.  So.. I think it's about time that I share those with you! 

I've already got an incredibly tasty recipe to start you off with - which will be with you as soon as it's finished cooking :) 

Here's to a wonderful 2017 - Happiness, healthiness and incredible adventures! 



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