Thursday, 27 July 2017

Walnut & Cinnamon Swirls - With Flora Freedom Walnut Spread

After the yumminess of my Mediterranean Bagels  using the Flora Freedom Avocado Oil & Lime spread. I wanted to find out what some of the other flavours had in store for me. 

Reading the packet of the Flora Freedom Walnut spread, the first thing that jumped out at me was that the package recommended teaming it up with some cheese.   I was literally salivating at the thought, cheese is a total weakeness of mine, but as I had already tried my hand at a savoury dish -  the next thing that I made definitely had to be something sweet! 

I have recently just moved house, and moving from a large kitchen which housed, mainly every cooking gadget you could think of to a smaller kitchen which lended no space to my gadgets - I needed a recipe that would lend to my space and help me be savvy with what equipment I did have. 

I would love to give you visions of a Mary Berry-esque figure in the kitchen creating these delights - but I will let you in on a secret.  I didn't have a bowl big enough, so, had to use my largest tupperware container (flour everywhere during the mixing process) and when it came to rolling out my dough - I realised I was without a rolling pin- so had to think on my feet, and use the first thing that I that came to hand - which in this case was a water bottle! 

Complications aside, I am really happy how these turned out! (I think Mary would be proud!)  The walnut spread was easy to melt, and mixed into the dough nicely, and gives the finished dough a nice nutty flavour.   I wasn't sure if something dairy free would be able to do that, but am really surprised at how these spreads handle themselves! 

The chopped nuts and fruit added to the filling make these really tasty - I found that soaking the fruit in some hot water before adding them in - made them even more soft and juicy!  You could up the flavour element even more by soaking them in some orange juice for another little kick. 

I gave the Mr a batch to take to work, and received a big thumbs up from him and the boys - so why not have a go and see what you think? 

Calories: Approx 195 Calories Per Swirl

Preparation Time: 30 Minutes + 1 Hour Proofing

Serves: 16

You Will Need: 

For the Dough
500g strong plain flour
1 tsp salt
7g packet easy blend yeast
40g Flora Freedom Walnut, melted
1 medium egg, beaten
300ml warm milk (lukewarm)

For The Filling

25g Flora Freedom Walnut, melted
150g dried fruits and walnuts e.g. raisins, chopped figs or dates and walnuts
70g soft brown sugar
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
2-3 tablespoons runny honey, for brushing

For the dough, mix flour and salt together, make a well in the 
centre and add yeast. Mix
Flora with milk and egg and add to flour. Mix to a soft dough and 
nead on a lightly-floured surface for 5 minutes until smooth.
Place dough back in the bowl and cover with lightly 
greased cling film or a polythene bag. Leave to rise in a warm place
for 1 hour or until double in size.

Turn dough onto floured surface and knead lightly. Roll out to 
rectangle about 0.5cm (1/4 in) thick.  Brush with melted Flora and 
sprinkle on fruit, walnuts, sugar and cinnamon. Roll up like a swiss 
roll from longest side.

Cut into around 16 slices and place, cut side up on a greased 
baking tray. Cover with cling film and allow to rise until dough 
feels springy for about 30 mins.

Bake in preheated oven 190°C, 170°C fan, Gas mark 5 for 20 - 25 minutes. Brush with honey whilst still hot.

Flora Freedom Walnut is one of the new dairy free flavoured spreads from Flora.  For more information on the other flavours click here



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