Sunday, 20 August 2017

Caribbean Chicken Stew & Rice and Peas

A little taste of the Caribbean, in a little bowl of comfort.


Calories: 292 per portion   •  Slimming World: Syn Free

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes
Cooking Time: 40- 45  Minutes
Serves: 4

You Will Need: 
One Pack Of Boneless & Skinless Chicken Thighs Diced
4 Tablespoons Dunn's River Caribbean Hot Curry Powder
3 Garlic Cloves Minced
1 Onion Diced
1 Teaspoon Dried Thyme
1/2 Teaspoon Ground All Spice 
1 Tablespoon Tomato Puree
1 Large/2 Medium Potatoes Diced
4 Carrots Chopped
500 ml Boiling Water 
1 Chicken Stock Cube 
Salt & Pepper for Seasoning 
Calorie Controlled Oil Spray 

Spray a high sided frying pan/ sauce pan with oil, and brown the  seasoned chicken thighs..

Once brown, add the onions, garlic, thyme and curry powder and cook out for 1-2 minutes, until everything in the pan is coated.

Add the tomato puree, the all spice and stir

,Mix the stock cube into the boiling water, add to the pan, cover and simmer on a low/medium heat.

After 20 minutes, add the potatoes and carrots - re cover and simmer for another 20 minutes. 

Check that the potatoes and carrots are tender, or cook further if you would like the potatoes to break down and thicken the sauce. 


Calories: 263 per portion   •  Slimming World: 7 syns
(quite high on the syn value, so you could use Alpro Coconut Milk, as part of your HEA or 1.5 syns per portion)

Preparation Time: 5 Minutes
Cooking Time: 15-20 Minutes
Serves: 4

You will Need: 

200g Long Grain Rice 
Tin of Coconut Milk - I have used Grace Coconut Milk 
3 Spring Onions Chopped
1 Teaspoon of Dried Thyme
1  Teaspoon of Ground Allspice
1 Tin of Dunns River Caribbean Peas & Beans 
300ml Water 
Salt & Pepper for Seasoning


 Rinse the rice in cold water until you've washed away all the starch

Place in a sauce pan with all the ingredients apart from the peas & beans

Season, and cook on a high heat. 

When it starts to boil, turn to a more medium heat, cover and simmer for 15 minutes

Add the peas and beans to the rice, take off the heat and allow to thicken. 

Serve with your chicken stew, and take a break to the sunshine!

I was asked to create some recipes using products from Grace Foods & Dunn River.  I received no compensation for my reviews, or recipes - just getting to work and know new products! 


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