Sunday, 20 August 2017

Caribbean Food Week 2017 - The Ultimate Street Party Spread #CFW2017


When I was asked if I was interested in creating my ultimate street party spread in honour of Caribbean food week  from 21st - 28th August - I literally couldn't have jumped at the chance quicker. 

I am so excited for the Caribbean Food Week Food festival brought to us by Grace Foods, who are the UK's number one supplier of Caribbean goodnes! I can't wait to see the bounty awaits next weekend in Brixton.    However, when one gets a hankering, one must fulfil it - and I got this party started EARLY! 

I am an incredible lover of Caribbean food.  It all stems back to when I was around 11 or 12 and a lovely friend I used to have called Stella. 

Her aunt (if memory serves me rightly) used to own a Caribbean restaurant in our local shopping centre called Rice & Pea.    I remember getting to sample the most incredible food.    Sumptuous stews and curried goat, rice and peas to die for - and these amazing little patties.     If I close my eyes I can transport myself there every time. 

Coming from an Italian/Scottish background, you can imagine, there wasn't many Caribbean dishes on our tables, so this was an incredible delight. 

It was there that my love for this kind of food really stemmed.    I will always choose a Caribbean dish if I have the chance - and goat curry is one of my ultimate heaven dishes, if I ever had to have a choice. 

When I received this incredible hamper from Grace Foods, I was overwhelmed with the inspiration of what to me would make the ultimate party spread.  I mean look at these amazing things! 

I literally have the best pantry in the world now!  

After a bit of thought, I came up with my ultimate menu:


A taste of the Caribbean in a bowl! I was umming and ahhing whether to make a curry or not - but the day I was having my little feast, the weather took a turn for the worst, and a comforting stew with all the tropical flavours it had to be! 

To create this I used Grace Foods Hot Caribbean Curry Powder, which gives it more of a fruitful flavour than your regular Indian curry powders.



A little change from the norm. Instead of jerk chicken, we partied on BBQ jerk pork instead!     Served with wraps, or just on the side as a nice little addition to your feast.    Seen as we had leftovers, this went amazingly the next day in a wrap with my scrambled eggs! 

The Jamaican Jerk BBQ sauce from Grace that I used, is sooo damn tasty!   You won't stop at pulled pork - you will want to put it on everything - trust me! 


Juicy, Crispy, Spicy Chicken Thighs.   Cooked high on the grill then slow cooked for the most tender thighs you ever did eat! 

Using Dunn's River Hot & Spicy Jerk Chicken Fry Mix, a little differently here!  Instead of making a dredge, I literally just coated the thighs, and cooked them skin side down on a high heat to let the spices melt in.  Cooking in the oven after for about 40 mins on a low heat so they are still crispy - but the most tender and juicy meat! 


Can't have an ultimate party spread, without your dessert!    This ginger beer cake, is light and tasty, that even after a big old meal - you will always have room for a slice! 

Best part is.. You don't have to use the whole can for the recipe, so you still have enough for a cheeky little rum and ginger on the side. 


Now, I didn't get to use all the ingredients in my hamper to make my ultimate party spread, because let's just face it - I would then have to have a banquet - but now I get to play around with even more recipe ideas for you! 


I was asked to create some recipes using products from Grace Foods & Dunn River.  I received no compensation for my reviews, or recipes - just getting to work and know new products! 



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